Tech City Place is a forward leading technology company, focusing on two different product lines, as well as technical services. The first product line is based around the 3D industry, including 3D Printing, Software, Scanning, and Filaments. The second line of products is based around generally new technology, this includes but is not limited to some of the following: SmartPhones, Tablets/Phablets, Smart tech wearable, USB tech, IT Security Products, drones, and many more.

The company’s services are designed to provide an integrated approach to business strategy with respect to the use of web technology. With a strong understanding of business combined with the flexibility of a number of platforms, network technologies and programming software, the company is in a solid position to design and implement a comprehensive solution to meet client needs.

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The Wedding Fair

Did you know it only takes 7 seconds to get a 3D full body scan and use the astonishingly realistic figurine as your wedding cake topper? My own wedding was almost 2 decades ago but I still remember it as it if was yesterday. The dress, the venue and photos were at the top of my list. Today’s […]

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Welcome to Tech City Place

Hi welcome to Tech City Place, my name is Mike Lott and I started Tech City Place in July of 2012 with an interest in SmartPhones, I was interested in where they were made and who manufactured them and what are the differences between them, quality, technologies, price. I found that almost all the phones […]

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